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Sidmouth Croquet Club

Sidmouth Croquet Club

Members Information

Lawn Booking The Club has four full-sized lawns immaculately kept by our excellent groundsman Colin Whitehall. The Club shares excellent facilities in the central thatched clubhouse with cricket and tennis members. Membership costs £173 for the 2018 season; and there are no lawn fees.

The Club uses Dawson balls for competitions and has all the other equipment required for play including a wide range of mallets for visitors and members alike to try. The shared clubhouse has a fully equipped bar and dining facilities and is used for club socials, dinners, talks, after croquet teas and generals assembly area. The main pavilion has changing rooms for both men and women. Trophy boards are displayed in the dining area.

Other activities take place, particularly in the fallow winter months, such as whist and table tennis

The club relies heavily on volunteers, particularly committee members, to carry out various tasks. Some of them are detailed in this table (committee posts in bold)

ChairmanPeter Nelson
SecretaryPenny Ball
TreasurerPaul Bradley
Golf CroquetPam Bowra
CA Tournament SecretaryJulie Horsley
Internal Tournament OrganiserPhilip Harris
Social SecretaryJulie Sorrell
Grounds and EquipmentAndrew Thomas
PublicityRichard Thurlow
Booking SheetsSteve Pearson
SWF RepresentativeDavid Temple
Membership SecretaryMarian Harris
WebmasterColin Walls
Electronic BookingColin Walls
Association Club Sessions Manager 
Golf Club Sessions ManagerGabby Macadam
Beginners IntroductionColin Walls
TrophiesJohn Dixon
Honours BoardDavid Temple
ScrapbookGabby Macadam
Golf League ManagerHelen Pryor
Parkstone League A ManagerRichard Wood
Parkstone League B ManagerMike Taylor
Federation League ManagerPhilip Harris
Intermediate League ManagerRichard Thurlow
B League ManagerKelvin Dent
Association HandicapperColin Walls
Assistant Association HandicapperJane Babbage
Assistant Association HandicapperJulie Sorrel
Golf HandicapperHelen Pryor
Assistant Golf HandicapperPam Bowra
Assistant Golf HandicapperAndrew Thomas
Grade 2 CoachRoger Mills
Grade 1 CoachJohn Dixon
Grade 1 CoachChris Donovan
Grade 1 CoachTony Dustan-Smith
Grade 1 CoachSusan Rogers
Grade 1 CoachMichael Taylor
Grade 1 CoachDavid Temple
Grade 1 CoachNancy Temple
Grade 1 CoachColin Walls
Grade 1 CoachRichard Wood
Golf CoachHoward Quarell
Club CoachIan Friedlander
Club CoachGraeme Pryor
Club CoachPeter Hills
RefereeChris Donovan
RefereeJulie Horsley
RefereeMike Taylor
RefereeBrian Pollock
RefereeRichard Wood
Assistant RefereePeter Nelson
Assistant RefereeDavid Temple
GC RefereeIan Friedlander
GC RefereeHoward Quarell

 A Potted Pre-History of the Club
based on information compiled by Iris Dwerryhouse
1823The Cricket Club was formed. It was one of the earliest in the West Country. It became a major cricketing centre.
1875The Club was the birthplace of Somerset County Cricket.
1880Players helped to rebuild the Pavilion.
1881The Tennis Club was formed.
1886The Fortfield was used for athletics, archery, and rugby.
1907Croquet lawns were laid. Annual tennis and croquet tournaments were played.
1914During the First and Second World Wars the Fortfield was used for military training, and the Americans played baseball.
1953Croquet tournaments ended.
1960A strong Junior tennis section was formed. The last tournament was played in 1967
1968There were three croquet members and one lawn. Pat Tunmel formed a new committee. Iris Dwerryhouse was a member of that committee.
1973There were fifty croquet members and the club received an award from the Croquet Association.
2005There were over a hundred croquet members. The club was flourishing, with numerous internal tournaments and some Open tournaments.

club photo
There are a number of couples who both play, such as Marian Harris ...
club photo
and Philip Harris
club photo
but those pesky seagulls are not encouraged